Course Reflection

Quote-Knowing-Yourself-Beginning-Wisdom-AristotleMy favorite post on my blog would have to be the one about my own principles and beliefs. I always find it difficult to write about myself because we are so accustomed to writing about the ideas of others, which are clear and known. To write about yourself forces to to dig deep and really understand more about yourself and your own opinions. I really felt that my post was a perfect illustration of myself. My least favorite was the post on Kant because I has such a hard time understanding his ideas and philosophy in general. This was probably the one I had the most trouble with as well because my lack of understand. After I read other students blogs though, I was able to understand it a bit more clearly. The post I learned the most from is probably the GloFish assignment. I had no idea that they even existed! It really made me think about the ethics of genetic modification and how it could affect humans as well.

I learned a lot about myself and what I believe to be ethically right and moral by comparing my own ideas to those of famous philosophers. I know that I glearned it through writing my blogs and agreeing/disagreeing with the readings. I was challenged to think about my own beliefs and how I felt about certain topics I had never been exposed to before. I think the things I have learned throughout the semester will be used throughout my entire life. 

I don’t think much of my opinions have changed very much but rather I have just come to see what they are. With some of the readings, I learned about topics or ideas that I have never heard of in my life. I was allowed to develop ideas on these topics and become aware of my personal morals and ethics. 

If I were to teach this course, I wouldn’t really change much. I think there was a lot of variety in the topics that were chosen for us and they all allowed us to develop ideas and opinions about them that we probably weren’t aware of before this class. 

I would recommend this course to other students because although it is online and you miss out of that face to face learning, you sort of learn to teach yourself. This allowed me to develop my own morals and ethics first without being influenced by others. After, it was cool to compare my ideas to other students and to see how we differ from each other. Although this course required a lot of reading, analyzing and writing, it was worthwhile in the end because I learned so much about different philosophers, ideas and myself!